Class Whisperer

The Classwhisperer‘s Method™️ Who is it for?

The Classwhisperer’s Method™️ is designed for teachers and lecturers at all levels of education. For starting teachers, re-entrants, teachers with long-term experience; it’s for all teachers that want to fill up their toolbox of skills and insights and who want to feel fully empowered and relaxed while teaching. Also for teachers  who feel they are losing control, in order for them to reverse the situation and experience feelings of strength and ease while taking the lead in their class.

The Classwhisperer aspires to create the Best Learning Environment in schools, so that schools can do what they were designed for: to offer an environment where pupils/students can develop and flourish. An environment where pupils are taught by teachers who truly see, hear and understand them. An environment where teachers connect to the good intentions of each and every behavior.