Class Management

Sometimes things can turn out to be so chaotic in class, that you feel lost as to what to do next. The more you order silence the more resistant the kids are. Stodgy, bored, wayward, creating an atmosphere that drives you crazy. The moment you order them to take off their hats, they put on their phones; satchels off the desk, other curious items suddenly appear on the desks. Outrageous! And even worse: the walking, talking, horseplay, sneaky bullying. Kids that refuse to be expelled and kids that leave class without being told to do so. Even if only a bit of this nightmare looks/sounds familiar to you, you might want to have tools to change all that, in order to change your ‘survival’ mode into an ‘enjoying teaching’ one.

The Classwhisperer’s Method ™️has striking similarities with the Dog Whisperer’s approach. In this National Geographic TV-series, Cesar Millan shows dog-owners how unwanted dog behavior transforms the moment the owner takes the lead in a constructive, calm and assertive way. The Classwhisperer shows similar transformation in kids when teachers take such a lead. As soon as teachers develop constructive positive leadership, disruptive behavior changes. Teaching class becomes fun again. You could say that the Classwhisperer helps you to change the nightmare classes into dream classes. Sometimes the whole teacher team feels some kind of despair with a certain class. Something seems off. Communications is difficult. This often leads to a common ‘decision’ that this class is in fact unruly and out of control and the whole team might decide that it is impossible to work with that class. It might be an eye-opener to understand that this could very well be a group dynamic issue. So much easier to solve this problem when equipped with group-dynamic insights and tools.

From Zombie to Zippy

Through the Classwhisperer’s Method™️ the teacher takes the lead (again). He/she develops a calm assertive approach and gets the feel of how to address the pupils and students individually as well as a group. By acquiring leadership his pack-leadership is no longer challenged. The teacher can recover from feeling like a zombie to feeling zippy.