Classwhisperer’s Method

A Classwhisperer’s Workshop, one or two days

A Classwhisperer’s Workshop is always geared to the client’s (school, school-board) request.  Sometimes the request entails an existing problem (difficult class management, unmotivated students, problems of starting teachers, overstretched and overburdened teacher teams). At other times there is a need to boost up skills, insights and personal development of the teacher(s).

A Presentation/Motivational Speech

The Classwhisperer gives Theme Talks and Speeches. Themes like ‘Feel Good in Class; Parent-Teacher-Conferences made Easy; Leader of the Pack; Getting Rid of Work Pressure and other topics the school requests.

A Classwhisperer 1, 2 or 3 Week Program

The Classwhisperer works in school alongside individual teachers or a group of teachers. After an observation period the Classwhisperer gives private or group coaching and training that is tailored to the needs. The acquired tools are applied directly in class and the effects evaluated. During this Classwhisperer (long-term) Program video recordings are made for internal use only, to feed all that happens in class back directly to the teacher(s) concerned.

Made-to-measure certification-program for teams or individual teachers

The Classwhisperer offers made-to-measure certification programs. You’ll find them under ‘Classwhisperer Training Centre’. Feel free to inquire how we make your special choice of programs possible.

The Classwhisperer‘s Method™️ Who is it for?

The Classwhisperer’s Method™️ is designed for teachers and lecturers at all levels of education. For starting teachers, re-entrants, teachers with long-term experience; it’s for all teachers that want to fill up their toolbox of skills and insights and who want to feel fully empowered and relaxed while teaching. Also for teachers  who feel they are losing control, in order for them to reverse the situation and experience feelings of strength and ease while taking the lead in their class.

Class whisperer’s Methode™️   What is it?

The Classwhisperer’s Method™️ is a box filled to the rim with empowering tools. Once you’ve learned how to use them you’re on your way to feel fit and inspired. The Classwhisperer made them completely teacher-friendly, and ready to use. It’s full of leadership and assertiveness tools, exercises to get into a high-performance state and stuff to feel good. The are there for the benefit of teachers and lecturers and ultimately for the benefit of the pupils and students. A random selection of those tools: Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) is a major part of the toolbox’s content. It helps to be and to think successfully. It helps understand people’s motivation and behavior and enables you to direct it. The box contains Rational Emotive Training, Non-Violent Communication, Leadership’s models, tools to deal with boundless and aggressive behavior and a lot more.

Now this Method is given solely by the Classwhisperer. In the near future there will be a list available with Classwhisperer Trainers who can be at your service.Maybe you are a teacher, lecturer, social worker, psychologist, parent and wish to be a Classwhisper Trainer. You’ll find information how to become a Classwhisperer Trainer under the button ‘Classwhisperer Training Centre’.